Innovations in fire suppression

Now there is a better way to suppress fire. The objective is always to save lives and property. But innovative fire protection does more. It combines science and economics. A superior, environmentally friendly fire suppressant. Easier and more cost-effective installations. Advanced methods for protecting more challenging applications.

Stat-X Fixed Electrical System

StatX Fixed System

The Stat-X fixed system is an innovative, cost-effective and ecologically safe solution for rapid fire extinguishing and protection of high value enclosures. Our electrically activated generators, when integrated with a fire alarm control panel and appropriate fire detection devices, provide a fire suppression system that is significantly more cost effective than any other available technology. Eight sizes are available: from 30 gram through 2500 gram – allowing precise tailoring of systems to specific enclosed special hazards.

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Stat-X Fixed Thermal System

StatX Thermal Fixed System

Thermally operated units are optional alternatives to electrically operated units, and are used as stand-alone fire suppression for smaller enclosed spaces. Units are available in sizes ranging from 30 grams through 500 grams. Unit design is identical to electrically operated units except for actuation method. The units are fitted with an actuator that functions as a fixed temperature heat detector. Actuators are available in 158°F/70°C, 203°F/95°C, or 254°F/123°C standard options and are available in either anodized aluminum or 485 naval brass for corrosive atmospheres.

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Stat-X First Responder

StatX First Responder

The Stat-X First Responder is an innovative, portable unit for use by fire fighters and emergency responders in emergency egress or entrance situations.

This product is also used by many large utility companies on manhole and cable vault fires.

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Critical Applications in Numerous Industries

Stat-X fire suppression systems are used in critical applications across a wide range of industries. Because of their fast response time, compact size, low fire extinguishing concentration, and environmental safety, Stat-X fire protection systems are protecting company assets throughout the world.


Featured News

Fireaway Inc. Is Building a Full-Scale Fire Research and Test Facility

Fireaway Inc., the manufacturer of Stat-X® condensed aerosol fire suppression generators, is constructing a new fire research and test facility in the United States.

This facility will be capable of full-scale testing of fire extinguishing systems in a volume exceeding 500 cubic meters. The capability will include data acquisition, video, IR imaging, and gas analysis. It will be the only facility of this size and capability in North America.

Once completed, this new capability will be used for testing to confirm the suitability of Stat-X aerosol systems to meet customers’ demanding requirements, further development of Stat-X aerosol extinguishing systems, testing for new applications and obtaining additional international approvals.

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