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Stat-X fire suppression systems may be used in critical applications across a wide range of industries. Due to their fast response time, compact size, low fire extinguishing concentration, and environmental safety. These product features are critical in areas where weight and space savings are important.


This is a demonstration of a Stat-X® 500E electrically activated condensed aerosol fire suppression in a Plexiglas fire test enclosure. The fire was started with gasoline in an aluminum pan at the bottom of the enclosure. The pre-burn time was about 25 seconds. The electrical unit is activated. The fire was extinguished immediately after the discharge. Following the discharge, the aerosol cloud was vented.

An overview of Stat-X® fire suppression aerosol generators, an innovative, cost-effective, and ecologically safe solution for rapid fire extinguishing.

This is two animated scenarios illustrating how a Stat-X® condensed aerosol fire suppression system can detect and extinguish fires in an electrical switch gear room installation. Single cabinet and whole room actuation are shown.

This is a demonstration of a Stat-X First Responder® in a typical fire scenario, including firefighter commentary and analysis.

This simulated bilge fire test demonstrates the Stat-X First Responder®'s ability to extinguish a Class B fire, even when submerged under water.

Stat-X® marine fire test is one of several successful fire tests conducted for a marine and coast guard agency approval in the U.K. Tests were conducted in a standard shipping container to simulate a typical small machinery space.

This small enclosure fire test demonstrates the rapid extinguishment of a small enclosure fire with a 30T gram unit incorporating the patented thermal actuator.

Putting a Stat-X® 500E fixed system unit to the test with a Singapore transit system bus fire.

The following Swedish bus system fire test shows the successful completion of approval testing for engine compartment protection according to Swedish Fire Protection Association testing standards.

Belgian Railways Fire Test
The following footage shows successful fire tests conducted by the Belgian Railway Authority on a Stat-X® installation following a 2-year in-service field trial on an AR41 locomotive.

NASA Li Ion Battery Fire Test
Video of NASA JSC Lithium Ion 4-cell battery thermal runaway simulation in a 10ft3 enclosure protected by a 30E Stat-X® aerosol unit (triggered manually).

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