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Stat-X First Responder®

The Stat-X First Responder® is truly a new innovation in fire suppression technology. There is no other like it on the market today. It will not replace anything you are currently using, but it could be a wonderful addition to your arsenal of tools.

The Stat-X compound is the most effective fire extinguishing agent currently available. It is many times more effective than conventional agents by mass. The Stat-X First Responder contains the same compound used in our ULC listed fixed fire extinguishing units. The Stat-X First Responder works by interrupting the chain reaction of the fire. Potassium radicals are the main active component of the Stat-X aerosol. These Potassium radicals react with the free radicals of the flame, which results in suppression. Stat-X does not deplete the oxygen level nor does it deplete the ozone layer or contribute to global warming!


When would Stat-X First Responder be used?

Fire Fighter


Scenario A


Firefighter arrives at the scene of an early stage fire. After evacuating people and before additional resources arrive at the scene, toss a Stat-X First Responder into the rooms which are involved with the fire. This will buy time for further rescue and for firefighters to lay hose.


Scenario B


Firefighters are concerned about potential flashover from a fire down a hall and water isn’t available yet. Toss a Stat-X First Responder ahead of the firefighters to eliminate many of the contributing factors of a flashover.


Scenario C


A firefighter is trapped or can’t get to a victim due to an intense area of fire. Toss a Stat-X First Responder into the flame area for immediate fire suppression.




Scenario A


Police arrive at a vehicle fire as a result of an accident. There are occupants trapped in the burning vehicle and the fire department has not yet arrived. Break a window, toss the Stat-X First Responder into the vehicle to knock down the fire and remove the occupants.


Scenario B


SWAT arrives on site and must deploy “flash bangers” into an area to stun criminals. These flash bangers often ignite combustibles. Toss a Stat-X First Responder into the flame area for immediate fire suppression for entry or to suppress fire while awaiting the arrival of the fire department.


Scenario C


Police arrive on the site of a structure (house) fire, in advance of the fire department. Occupants can be seen or heard in the fire area. Deploy the Stat-X First Responder to possibly attempt rescue or at least suppress and hold the fire in check until the fire department arrives.



  • Rapid Intervention Teams
  • Rapid Temperature Drop
  • High Rise Building Fires
  • Shipboard Fires
  • Vehicle Fires
  • Attic Fires



  • Delay Flashover
  • Activates under Water
  • Extremely effective
  • Does NOT deplete of oxygen
  • Does NOT deplete the ozone



“We recently purchased a 4 pack of Stat-X First Responders®. Today we got the chance to use one of them and I must say my whole dept. was very impressed with what it did. We had only seen videos of its performance. We were called for a fire in a crawl space. When we arrived a small portion in the space was on fire. Our chief immediately used a Stat-X and it worked wonders. We used very minimal water. The best part of the story is that the owner had just purchased the house and had made only one payment. Because of your product a $100,000+ home is still standing. If she really wanted to she could have slept there tonight. Thank you and we will be purchasing more soon. We are also going to convince our neighboring depts. to purchase Stat-X.”

Mike DeMasi, lieutenant
Carp Lake Fire Department, Michigan


Stat-X saves mobile home!

“Fortunately, the fire department’s staff car was equipped with a Stat-X First Responder® when the Claremont Fire Department was alerted to an interior mobile home fire. The first fire fighter on the scene surveyed the area and immediately deployed the Stat-X First Responder in the old, lightweight, combustible mobile home. The fire was contained until the fire engine arrived with water. The unit suppressed the fire and made the home interior safe for operation when the fire truck arrived on the scene. Without the Stat-X First Responder the fire would have been “out-of-hand” when the fire truck arrived.”

The Stat-X First Responder performed as advertised according to Chief Bergeron, Claremont Fire Department


“I arrived first on scene to a closet fire. Since our first due engine was not on scene yet I tossed the Stat-X First Responder® into the closet that started to have flames rolling out of it over my head. As soon as I tossed it in, I closed the door and held it while I listened to the Stat-X discharge. Once I heard it finish discharging I peeked inside quickly and noticed the fire was extinguished. The engine arrived shortly after and we overhauled the room as needed. This product worked like a charm and damage to the house was minimal.”

Roger Thorpe
New Paltz Fire Department (NJ)


“I had a fire on the first floor of a garden apartment complex which was venting out of the windows and auto exposing to the second floor. I was first on scene and my first due engine was about two minutes out. I deployed a Stat-X First Responder into the first floor window. The device went off and kept the fire in check until I could stretch my first line and effect an interior attack. Each chief’s vehicle was issued a Stat-X First Responder at the beginning of last year. I was the first to use it and was impressed with the results.”

Mike Pressler
Battalion Chief EPFD
Elmwood Park New Jersey Fire Department


“…with the deployment of the Stat-X First Responders® our department discovered the value of your product. Following the incident, the insurance company also committed on the use of the product and discovered that fire spread within the device use was curtailed dramatically. I am thoroughly pleased with the results of your product and our department will be using the devices as another tool in aiding our firefighting efforts.”

Chief Joseph Speranza
Hawthorne Fire Department
Hawthorne New Jersey

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