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The Risk: Costly Fires in Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution

Power utility fires can cost millions of dollars.

They happen quickly and may spread fast, destroying critical company assets. Even worse, fires endanger utility workers and first responders. Effects are far-reaching and can impact the supply of power to customers, disrupting businesses and lowering public trust.

Designing with passive fire protection may lower risk but ignition sources and fuel supplies remain. Remote and unoccupied spaces with indoor and outdoor switchgear, transformer equipment, cable trays and vaults, turbine rooms, and electrical cabinets are real fire hazards where active fire protection is needed.

Power utilities strive for reliability goals of 99.9% or more, so quick response is essential. Expert risk managers know that robust, reliable, and effective fire protection can help support utility performance goals. They value technology that suppresses fires quickly but realize it must also have low capital cost and recurrent maintenance expense.

These performance elements are all found in Stat-X® advanced technology. It’s why more power utilities are turning to Stat-X for their fire protection needs.

The Solution: Stat-X Fire Suppression Advanced Technology

Stat-X aerosol fire suppression is a versatile and cost-effective solution for power utility fire protection. Each sealed, stainless steel generator contains a solid, stable, and specially formulated fire suppression compound unmatched in the industry.

When a fire occurs, the Stat-X generator activates, producing and releasing an advanced aerosol fire suppression agent.

Agent fills the protected space and chemically interrupts the combustion process. Fire is suppressed, and the micron-sized agent particles remain suspended to help prevent possible re-flash.

Versatile Solution

Stat-X generators come in a range of compact, rugged, non-pressurized units. Modular design allows versatile configuration by mixing and matching units to protect a variety of spaces, from small to large.

Electrically actuated models work with popular linear, aspirating, or spot detection and control systems. Thermal and manual actuation models require no external power source to operate.

Economical and Safer

Compared to expensive water deluge, gas, or dry chemical piped systems, Stat-X technology is economical to install and own.

Stat-X units do not need piping. What’s more, no special catch basins are required to collect any waste water and oil mix after a fire, which could overflow and make soil remediation necessary.

When discharged, Stat-X aerosol agent remains suspended, protecting the space longer. Afterwards, it’s easily vented out for clean-up. Spent Stat-X units are simply replaced so the system can be restored to continue protecting the asset.

Stat-X agent is also safer for people, equipment, and the environment. Unlike many conventional systems, it doesn’t work by depleting oxygen, or by releasing ozone-harming chemicals.

And since Stat-X agent is stable and generated only when the system actuates, there’s no need for periodic agent level inspections or container hydro-testing.

Power Utility Applications

  • Power & Distribution Transformers
  • Switchgear & Switchboard Rooms
  • Power Circuit Breakers
  • Cable Trays & Electric Cabinets
  • Turbine & Generator Rooms
  • Manhole Spaces & Vaults
  • Hydraulic & Load Gear Enclosures

The Stat-X Advantage

  • Advanced technology — peerless firefighting on a weight basis over water, gas, or dry chemical
  • Compact and modular — mounts high, suitable for obstructed spaces; mix and match sizes for hazard
  • Economical to install — no agent piping network or pressurized vessels needed
  • Economical to own — no service charges for container level checks, weighing, or hydro-testing
  • Choice of actuation — thermal, manual, or electrical using popular detection and control systems
  • Long life — rugged, sealed, stainless steel units made in USA for long service life
  • Approvals — tested, listed, and certified by military, government, and independent agencies
  • Safer to use — US Environmental Protection Agency approved as Halon 1301 substitute (SNAP)


The advanced technology used by Stat-X products is covered by NFPA® 2010 Standard for Fixed Aerosol Fire-Extinguishing Systems.

Case Study: Aircraft Ground Support Equipment


Ground power supply is a vehicle used for supplying power to aircraft parked on the ground. The electric energy is carried from a generator to a connection on the aircraft via 3 phase 4-wire insulated cable.
Due to the compactness of these vehicles it’s hard and not cost effective to install conventional fire suppression systems.
The traditional method of fighting fires in this type of equipment is a handheld extinguisher, which is not effective for these kinds of applications because they are not automatic. The delay gives time for the fire to spread and sometimes makes it harder to extinguish.

Fire Risks in this Application:

Anytime current flows, whether during generation or transmission, a byproduct of that flow is heat. The greater the current flow, the greater the amount of heat created. When this heat becomes too great, protective coatings on wiring and other electrical devices can melt, causing shorting, which leads to more current flow and greater heat. This heat can become so great that metals can melt, liquids vaporize, and flammable substances ignite.


Carbonization of insulation can also lead to fires on aircraft wiring called wet tracking. Wet tracking takes place due to the combined effects of moisture and pollutants on the surface of wiring. The same can happen if there is a considerable amount of aging on the wiring.


Personnel who attempt to work with electrical equipment and have no knowledge of the principles of electricity can also be responsible for a fire accident. Since these power generation units use flammable liquids as a fuel to generate electricity, there is also a Class B fire risk also involved, which is caused mostly due to operational activities.

Scope of Stat-X FIRE Suppression for this Application:

The majority of fires in this application are a result of flammable liquids and electrical wiring, which fall into

Class B & Class C (as per NFPA). Stat-X has passed the rigorous testing for Class B and Class C fires by Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) as a suppression technology for fighting these fires by using a total flooding technique by breaking the chain reaction of combustion without any depletion in the normal levels of oxygen.


As an environmentally-friendly product, Stat-X generators can withstand temperatures more than 100º C and operate normally with less installation and maintenance costs.


Stat-X electrical activation systems are installed in many of these ground support generators as a perfect alternative for the conventional systems and handheld extinguishers. And because of their compactness, Stat-X can be installed inside this equipment, which gets activated by a linear heat detection cable when there is a fire. Stat-x generators can also be operated manually.
Since the equipment is mobile, the installed systems can remain intact during transport. If the system is removed it can be installed easily since it doesn’t require any piping or floor space.


The following picture is an example of the Stat-X system installed in a ground power supply vehicle.

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