May 29, 2020

The Arauco Modernization and Expansion Project (MAPA Project), is an initiative that is comprised of an investment of $2.35 billion USD which represents the largest investment in the history of the Arauco company located in Chile.

The entire project includes the stoppage of line 1, the modernization of the current production line 2, and the construction of a new production line – line 3, with a capacity of 1,560,000 tons per year. These improvements will allow an increase in production of cellulose from the complex, reaching an estimated total of 2,100,000 tons per year.

The MAPA Project is one of many construction programs in development. The fire protection system contract for all the electrical rooms was awarded to Ingeteco SpA. This project includes the protection of their electrical and control rooms in 23 buildings. This project encompasses 30 rooms to be protected with 3M’s Novec™ 1230 which was provided by Janus Fire Systems, and 32 rooms to be protected with Stat-X® Condensed Fire Suppression which is manufactured by Fireaway Inc.

Ingeteco SpA in association with their partners Fireaway Inc. and Janus Fire Systems, will develop the detailed engineering, supply, construction, and commissioning program for the fire protection systems protecting the electrical rooms mentioned above.

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