Outdated Fire Suppression Methods Can Jeopardize Your Operations

In the event of a fire, insufficient or outdated fire suppression could lead to extensive damage, increased insurance premiums, environmental and regulatory complications, and harm to your industry reputation.

Feel confident, knowing there’s an alternative to traditional special hazard fire protection that safeguards your people, assets, and operations.

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Choose The Advanced Aerosol Technology

Stat-X®, designed and manufactured by Fireaway, utilizes cutting-edge aerosol technology to suppress fires, protecting your critical industrial applications.

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Protecting What Matters Most

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    Safeguard Valuable Assets

    Preserve the core of your business operations by safeguarding crucial assets from potential hazards.

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    Minimize Downtime

    Keep your operations running seamlessly by significantly reducing disruptions and costly halts caused by fire incidents.

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    Ensure Human Safety

    Prioritize the well-being of every individual, creating a secure environment for all employees.

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We Know The Stakes Are High

We understand the challenges many industrial applications face in safeguarding assets from fire risks.

That’s why we developed Stat-X®, a state-of-the-art aerosol fire suppression system. It requires no water or gas piping, and its compact and modular design makes it ideal for installations in limited spaces, such as wind turbine nacelles, electrical cabinets, and energy storage containers.

  • Installed on Every Continent
  • 329 Distributors
  • 750,000 Sold Worldwide
  • 94 Countries

Performance You Can Trust

Our systems undergo rigorous third-party evaluations to meet the highest performance standards

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Simple Steps to Powerful Protection

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    1. Talk to an Expert

    Book a call with our expert team to discuss your specific fire suppression needs.

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    2. Design a Custom Solution

    We’ll work with you to design a fire suppression system tailored to your industrial application.

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    3. Install & Protect

    We’ll install Stat-X®, ensuring the
    safety of your valuable assets and

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Environmentally Sustainable


Stat-X® is an environmentally friendly automatic fire suppression product line.

  • US EPA SNAP listed for Normally Occupied and Unoccupied Spaces
  • Zero Global Warming Potential
  • Zero Atmospheric Lifetime
  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
  • Non-toxic

When discussing environmental footprint, we firmly believe less is better!

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Discover the Simplicity of Stat-X®

Design, Installation & Maintenance simplicity

  • An environmentally friendly solution that is safe for humans
  • Compact and modular design for smaller spaces
  • Easy to install without water or gas piping
  • Protection in facilities with limited access or remote locations
  • Durability in challenging environments
  • Straightforward maintenance
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To explore the benefits of Stat-X fire suppression for your operations, book a call with our expert team.

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