Battery Energy Storage

Fire Suppression for Energy Storage Systems and Battery Energy Storage


 Stat-X® condensed aerosol fire suppression is a solution for energy storage systems (ESS) and battery energy storage systems (BESS) applications. This includes in-building, containerized, and in-cabinet applications.


Animation of Stat-X Fire Suppression System in Energy Storage Applications

This animation shows how a Stat-X® condensed aerosol fire suppression system functions and suppresses a fire in an energy storage system (ESS) or battery energy storage systems (BESS) application with our electrically operated generators and in a smaller modular cube style energy storage unit with our thermally activated generator.


What is a lithium battery?

A lithium ion battery or li-ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery in which lithium ions move from the negative electrode to the positive electrode during discharge and back when charging.


The Risk

The deep-seated nature of battery fires creates extinguishing challenges for all extinguisher types. Due to out gasing prior to and during ignition of the batteries, re-flash is a potential hazard. Unlike gas systems operating under high pressure seeking exit of the hazard area, Stat-X aerosol operates at a low pressure and remaining in the environment to provide ongoing protection. Gas systems will exit the hazard area through any unclose able openings. The Stat-X aerosol remains buoyant and allows for unclose able opening(s), whereas in high pressure gas systems the gas will exit rapidly.

There is an interesting article in Bloomberg Green about the risk of fire in the energy storage system (ESS) and battery energy storage systems (BESS) industry, “Everyone’s Favorite Climate Solution Has a Fire Problem”.

Advanced Technology

Stat-X highly-advanced fire suppression technology offers the lightest, most compact, and economical fire extinguishing solution available. Our Stat-X generator is an extremely rugged, hermetically sealed, stainless steel canister containing a stable, solid compound.

In the event of a fire, Stat-X units automatically release ultra-fine particles and propellant inert gasses which effectively extinguish fires using less mass of agent than any other conventional extinguishing system.

Test Results

The Stat-X aerosol extinguishing product was tested for efficacy suppressing Li-ion battery fires. It was found that the Stat-X agent successfully extinguished single and double cell battery fires. This testing was conducted in parallel with a large battery fire testing program.  Fireaway contracted with DNV GL for testing to have its Stat-X product line included in the program.

The following conclusions can be made from testing of Stat-X aerosol fire suppression system.

  1. Stat-X can put out a li-ion battery fire.
  2. Residual Stat-X airborne aerosol in the hazard will provide additional extended protection against a re-flash of the fire.
  3. Stat-X can reduce oxygen in an enclosed environment during a battery fire. Our DNV-GL FA test for O2 levels that shows 18% and no drop.
  4. Due to the deep-seated nature of a stacked battery fire, the Stat-X extinguisher removed heat from the interior of the cells more slowly than the exterior.
  5. The residence time of gases and aerosols during Stat-X deployment is a function of when the atmosphere is ventilated.


Video of Fire Demonstration

This fire test demonstrates a Stat-X Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression system on a li-ion battery module in a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) application.


Advantages of Stat-X Aerosol Systems for Lithium-ion Battery Hazards

  • The hazard area does not have to be airtight. Calculations allow for un close able openings.
  • Residual Stat-X aerosol can remain in hazard area for a finite period of time after discharge. While sufficient density is maintained, Stat-X can play a role in controlling potential re-flash typical with lithium ion battery fires.
  • Stat-X systems are bracket mounted within the hazard on the ceiling or walls taking no valuable floor space within the hazard
  • There is no manifold or piping required reducing installation labor and material costs
  • Stat-X will not breakdown nor create byproducts like HF. However, some Stat-X residue will eventually settle on equipment and must be blown clear and cleaned. NOTE: No fire suppression system manufacturer can claim 100% that electronics will not be affected by post discharge. There is no perfect solution.
  • Our Stat-X solution requires no cylinder weighing or hydrostatic testing.
  • Ten (10) year service life

Suggested Product Lines

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Stat-X® Fixed System: Electrical Units for Ordinary Locations

Stat-X 250T Fire Suppression Generator

Stat-X® Fixed Systems: Thermal/Manual Units

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