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CNC and EDM Machine Fire Suppression: Ensuring Safety in Precision Manufacturing

The advent of sophisticated CNC and EDM machinery profoundly transformed the landscape of modern manufacturing. These high-precision tools are integral to industries that require detailed milling, turning, boring, and grinding, playing a crucial role in producing complex components for the aerospace and automotive sectors.

However, the very nature of these machines, which often involve high-speed operation, cutting, and grinding of various materials, inherently carries a fire risk. Also, many CNC and EDM machines use oil-based lubricants, which can overheat, ignite, and cause a flash fire.

The Fire Risk

  • The high-speed operation generates heat and friction in CNC machines, risking the ignition of flammable materials or coolants.
  • Electrical discharges in EDM machines can overheat, especially when working with conductive metals.
  • Accumulation of metal shavings and debris from machining processes can create a combustible environment.
  • Malfunctioning components or failed cooling systems in machines can lead to overheating and potential ignition.
  • Sparks generated during cutting or grinding can ignite flammable materials or coolants.

Stat-X fire suppression is currently protecting CNC and EDM Machines worldwide. Find out more today.

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"After researching available special hazard (fire) systems for the very best protection as well as compliance with safety and environmental issues we found Stat-X technology as the product leader."

— Engineer, Leicestershire, UK

Cost-effective fire protection for high-value equipment

Traditional fire suppression methods may not be adequate or appropriate for the unique environments within CNC and EDM machines.

Our Stat-X® fire suppression system efficiently extinguishes fires within the machine, protecting operators and limiting damage more effectively than standard sprinkler systems.

In the event of a fire, Stat-X units release ultra-fine particles and inert gases automatically without depleting oxygen or harming the environment. The system quickly stops fires, leaves minimal residue for easy cleanup, and can be easily retrofitted with minimal installation time.

Available as electrically activated or manually activated units, Stat-X offers a robust, versatile solution with options like linear heat detection, emergency shutdown integration, and standalone manual operation.

Interested in details on our technology? Read more here>>> How It Works.

Suggested Product Lines

Stat-X® Fixed System: Electrical Units for Ordinary Locations

Stat-X® Fire Suppression System: Manual Units

Stat-X Fire Suppression Features:

An alternative to traditional special hazard Fire Protection

  • Effective Agent PerformanceHighly effective based on required density
  • Compact and ModularOffering adaptable design especially when space and weight are critical
  • Simple and Economic InstallationNo piping required, resulting in significant savings on parts and labor
  • DurableIdeal for harsh environments and remote locations
  • Made in the USA
  • Long service lifeService life of fifteen (15) years
  • Virtually Maintenance FreeNo cylinder weighing requirement or leakage risks
  • U.S. EPA SNAP listed for normally occupied and unoccupied spacesRegulatory certainty. No risk of future regulations interrupting supply
  • Environmentally FriendlyZero potential for global warming or ozone depletion
  • Installed on every continent
  • 329 distributors
  • 750,000 sold worldwide
  • 94 countries

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Performance you can trust

Stat-X is an ideal fire suppression alternative to HFC based systems that are being regulated out of use through various global movements; and to PFAS based systems that are starting to face significant regulatory pressure at the local level, and likely to be more widespread in the coming years.

Fireaway Inc. designs and manufactures the Stat-X® condensed aerosol fire suppression product line.