Fire Suppression for Electrical Rooms in Manufacturing

Electrical rooms are a vital component for business power management systems. Electrical rooms house the big switchgears and other heavy-duty equipment all the way down to electrical closets just before the power reaches the end user. In between these two electrical rooms is the distribution pathway room.

The distribution pathway electrical room is not as well-known as the switchgear rooms or visited as often as electrical closets, but they play a vital role in the transmission of power. Distribution pathway rooms receive high incoming voltage and step it down to the lower voltage required at the electrical closet.

The Fire Risk

Distribution pathway rooms are typically installed every 15,000 to 20,000 square feet of floor space. The inside of a distribution pathway electrical room is usually filled with step-down transformers, panels, conduit, and cableways. With all this power, processing, and transmission, there is a distinct risk of fire.

A fire of any significance in one of these rooms can be catastrophic for a business or facility. First, there is the life safety hazard, as these rooms tend to be installed in occupied areas. Secondly, all electrical service downstream of the room will be disrupted. In the best of circumstances, the repair can take weeks or even months.

The cost of equipment damage can be substantial. But the real cost will be in the lost productivity for everything that received power from the distribution pathway room. The cost of lost productivity can be exponentially higher and infinitely more devastating.

However, if a fire is detected early and suppressed expediently, the outcome can be drastically improved. A fire detected and extinguished in the incipient stage can be confined to the area of origin, resulting in a much easier and quicker fix. Furthermore, non-involved circuits may remain operational during the repair period.

The Solution

With the potential of such disruption, protecting these rooms with a proven, quick-acting fire suppression system is crucial.

The Stat-X® total flooding condensed aerosol system is an ideal, demonstrated, and effective means of protecting distribution pathway electrical rooms. The rapid response of a Stat-X system can quickly suppress fires while they are manageable, significantly reducing damage and downtime. The Stat-X electrically operated system can be linked to an automatic fire detection system, or, the thermally activated units themselves can discharge at a pre-determined temperature.

The Stat-X fire suppression systems is the best choice for this application.

Stat-X Fire Suppression Features:

  • Effective Agent Performance
    Highly effective based on required density
  • Compact and Modular
    Offering adaptable design especially when space and weight are critical
  • Simple and Economic Installation
    No piping required, resulting in significant savings on parts and labor
  • Durable
    Ideal for harsh environments and remote locations
  • Long service life
    Service life of fifteen (15) years
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
    No cylinder weighing requirement or leakage risks
  • U.S. EPA SNAP listed for normally occupied and unoccupied spaces
    Regulatory certainty
    No risk of future regulations interrupting supply
  • Environmentally Friendly
    Zero potential for global warming or ozone depletion
  • Made in the USA

Suggested Product Lines

Stat-X Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression 2500E Model

Stat-X® Fixed System: Electrical Units for Ordinary Locations

Stat-X 250T Fire Suppression Generator

Stat-X® Fire Suppression System: Thermal Units

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