Case Studies

Stat-X® Chosen for Duct Protection in Heavy Industry at Petro-Chemical Processing

The Challenge:

A major global manufacture of roofing materials suffered a deep-seated fire in a large 20,000 gallon mixing container that spread via duct work to multiple sealed containers. In order to prevent the spreading of fire though the duct work the customer needed to find a flexible low-cost effective solution – and quickly.

Alternatives Considered:

A CO2 system was evaluated vs Stat-X® Aerosol Fire Suppression System

Issue CO2 Stat-X® Aerosol Fire Suppression
Limited Floor Space on
The Factory Floor
Multiple Large Cylinders No Cylinders, No Floorspace
Duct Maintenance Required hard discharge piping running
along ductwork
Stat-X generators linked by electrical
connections, flexible conduit
Cost of Equipment CO2 tanks, area preparation, valves,
piping and nozzles were expensive
Stat-X Generators were considerably
less expensive
Cost of Installation Rigid piping in a complex 3D
environment is expensive.
Running low voltage, low current
actuation wiring is not
Ongoing Maintenance Vibrations in this industrial environment
require frequent pipe integrity as well as
pressure vessel tests
Check continuity, check integrity of
Stat-X front seals when performing other
duct maintenance—minimal

The Solution:

A combination of an integrated detection, damper and Stat-X Solution using Stat-X 250 E and 500E units in the
ductwork and mixing containers.
1. Installation of DAF Heat Detectors in the ductwork.
2. Installation of Dampers to prevent the spread of fire.
3. Installation of a Stat-X Suppression system to suppress the fire and prevent it from spreading.
4. Installation of Stat-X Generators to discharge inside of the mixing containers to prevent a deep-seated
hazard from starting.