Environmentally Friendly Fire Suppression

While several industries have fire suppression systems in place, certain products previously used for special fire protection will no longer be available in the coming years due to their long atmospheric lifetime & global warming impact. With the ongoing movement to create a more environmentally responsible society, there is a need for eco-friendly fire suppression.

Stat-X® condensed aerosol fire suppression is a solution for special hazards applications.

Watch this video with an important message from Lance D. Harry, P.E., our CEO/president

This message explains the need to take the HFC Phasedown and the AIM Act seriously. Conventional fire suppression is being phased out due to environmental and regulatory updates. Stat-X is an effective fire suppression agent that is environmentally friendly.

Stat-X should be considered when evaluating the use of halon replacements and hydrofluorocarbon alternative in industrial applications. It can be an alternative to the following systems:

  • HFC-227ea (FM-200™)
  • FK-5-1-12 (3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fluid)
  • CO2
  • Inert Gas Systems
  • Dry Chemical
  • Water Mist

It is time to consider the environment when selecting your fire suppression system! Stat-X is environmentally friendly featuring:

  • ZERO Global warming Potential
  • ZERO Ozone Depletion Potential
  • ZERO Atmospheric Lifetime

3M and Novec are trademarks of the 3M Company.
FM-200 is a trademark of the Chemours Company.

Learn more about selecting a fire suppression system with the Earth in mind!

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