Environmentally Responsible

Stat-X® designs and manufactures an environmentally friendly automatic fire suppression product line for many industrial applications.

At Fireaway Inc. we are committed to protecting the environment. We are always working with this goal in mind in our production processes and in the product itself.

The Stat-X product line is:

  • UL Listed for Occupied Spaces (Electrical, Electrical EX, and select Thermal Product Lines)
  • US EPA Snap Listed for Normally Occupied and Unoccupied Spaces


The EPA recognizes that Stat-X® fire suppression is substantially less harmful to the ozone layer, has lower climate impact, and a shorter atmospheric lifetime compared to Halon 1301. In addition, the pre- and post-activation constituents of Stat-X have lower climate impacts and shorter atmospheric lifetimes than those predicted for their substitutes (competitors) examined, as well as a commonly utilized substitutes. Thus, EPA believes that use of Stat-X would result in substantially less harm to ozone layer than the continued use of Ozone Depletion Substance (ODS) and commonly used ODS substitutes and will also have a lesser impact on the climate system.