Fire Suppression for Buses

A Replacement for Gas Extinguishment Systems

Aerosol technology offers to vehicle manufacturers and operators one of the most compact, environmentally friendly, maintenance free engine compartment protection systems available on the market today. Stat-X generators are so tough they are currently used on thousands of mine explosion-resistant military vehicles.

Automatic fire suppression system installation on vehicles is becoming more common. Stat-X is viable as a replacement for existing gas fire extinguishing system or as a compact lightweight solution for new production vehicles where weight and space are critical.

  • U.S. EPA SNAP listed as a halon 1301 replacement system more effective compared with other agents: halon (5X) and clean agents (10X)
  • Compact and relatively lightweight compared with clean agents; does not require piping to distribute agent
  • Listed for Class A (surface), B, and C fires (involvement by Class A and B fires)
  • Designed to be non-toxic, floods enclosure with ultra-fine 2 micron particles and inert nitrogen gas.

Stat-X compact lightweight products can be fitted in the bus engine compartment.

  • Tested and approved to the Swedish Fire Protection Association Standard SBF 128:1 Guidelines for fixed automatic fire suppression systems for buses and coaches
  • Designed to interface with a fire detection system or with the bus management system
  • Stat-X is offered with thermal or mechanical manual release actuators for those applications where electric power sources are unavailable

Stat-X can protect heavy vehicles and trucks from engine compartment fires.

  • A fire protection technology that is different from dry chemical systems
  • A fire detection and suppression system with solid agent particles ten (10) times smaller than dry chemical agents but will not leave residue such as that by dry chemical systems
  • Is naturally buoyant in the engine compartment and floods in a similar manner as a gaseous fire suppression system
  • Is potassium based, a highly potent element in flame extinguishment

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