FireGator™ Fire Suppression System which includes the use of Stat-X® Aerosol Generators

Our distributor partner, FireGator LLC, who specializes in school bus fire protection in the United States has completed this installation.

This school bus fire suppression system is referred to as the FireGator (model FG500H) and it includes Stat-X® condensed aerosol generators. Two Stat-X electrical generators, both model 250ME, were installed with one on each side of the engine compartment near the high-risk areas. This bus system uses a patented “HALO” which goes over the engine to provide simple and effective detection coverage that activates the release of the aerosol fire suppression agent. This fire suppression system is protecting the front engine bay on this new IC® (school) Bus recently put into service in Georgia.

The compact modular design fits in tight spaces and is normally installed in less than two hours.