Stat-X® Fire Suppression Protects Engine Compartments in Special Vehicles for Smelters

HMR Hydeq AS, Øvre Årdal, produces and maintains special vehicles for smelters. Having close physical connection to Norsk Hydro’s Aluminium smelter at Øvre Årdal they have long experience in the challenges these vehicles face – extremely strong magnetic field from the smelter furnaces and the handling of liquid Aluminium. The vehicles are exposed to demanding environment and fire risks. Damages due to fire may put the vehicles out of service for months while costly repairs are done.

Starting late 2011 and continuing to today, HMR Hydeq AS has equipped several vehicles with Stat-X® fire suppression systems. The design is challenging due to major leaking points from the engine compartment.

The solution on board the vehicle is:

  • Stat-X 250T featuring thermal actuation for small enclosures such as the electric control units and hydraulic equipment.
  • The engine compartment is protected with two or three Stat-X 1500E or 2500E with linear heat detection cable and a control panel.

HMR Hydeq AS exports these aluminum smelter vehicles to various places around the world, including Norway and Iceland.