Listings and Approvals

The advanced technology used by Stat-X products is covered by NFPA 2010 Standard for Fixed Aerosol Fire-Extinguishing Systems


QAS International
Type: Certified Management System - ISO 9001:2015
Reference: US2635

Type: SNAP listed for total flooding use in normally occupied & unoccupied areas
Country: USA

CE Declaration of Conformity
Type: Self Declaration

EU-Type Examination Certificate according to Directive 2013/29/EU Article 17(a) of Pyrotechnic Articles
Type: EU-Type
Reference: PB001714 001

UK-Type Examination Certificate according to Directive 2013/29/ UK Article 17(a) of Pyrotechnic Articles Type: UK-Type
Reference: PB004235 001

U.S. Department of Transportation

QAS International
Type: Certified Management System - ISO 14001:2015
Reference: UEN1130

Product Approvals

UL - Underwriters Laboratories
Country: USA
Reference: EX 15004

ULC - Underwriters Laboratories of Canada
Country: Canada
Reference: EX 15004

UL- Underwriters Laboratories
Country: USA
Reference: 20180301-E495772 for Class I, Division 2

UL - Underwriters Laboratories
Type: IECEx Certificate of Conformity
Country: International
Reference: IEC 60079

UL - International Demko A/S
Type: ATEX Certificate
Country: EU
Reference: EN 60079

UL - International Demko A/S
Type: Certified
Country: Denmark

CSIRO Verification Services
Type: ActivFire Certificate of Conformity
Country: Australia and New Zealand
Reference: afp-2284

Swedish Fire Protection Association
Type: Approval to SBF 128:1 May 2005 Guidelines for Fire Suppression Systems on Buses and Coaches
Country: Sweden

Standards Institution of Israel
Country: Israel

Abu Dhabi Civil Defense
Jurisdiction: Abu Dhabi

Dubai Civil Defense
Jurisdiction: Dubai

Oman Ministry of Environment
Country: Sultanate of Oman

Saudi Civil Defense
Country: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Egyptian Civil Defense Approval
Jurisdiction: Egypt

Taiwan Fire Authority Certificate

Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
Type: Automatic Extinguishing Systems Manual Approval
Jurisdiction: California

ABNT Certification of Conformance
Country: Brazil

Karnataka Fire & Emergency Services
Country: India

Qatar Certificate
Country: Qatar
Ref: PAC21003031

Marine Approvals

United States Coast Guard
Type: Certificate of Approval
No: 162.029/257/0

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
Country: International
Certificate Number: 18-LD1802967-PDA
Product Type Approval

Maritime & Coast Guard Agency
Type: Certificate
Country: UK

European Control Board of the Netherlands
Type: Certificate of Compliance
Country: Netherlands

Maritime Authority, Sjofartsinspektionen
Country: Sweden

Maritime Directorate
Country: Finland

Brazil Marine Approval
Country: Brazil

Chilean Maritime Directorate
Country: Chile
Certificate Number: 1714649

Bureau Veritas
Country: International
Certificate Number: 23277/BO BV
Recognition for BV Mode II Scheme

Croatian Register of Shipping
Country: Croatia
Ref: 1787/TB/MD/0110676

RINA Type Approval Certificate
Country: Italy
Ref: FPE066821XG

New Zealand Maritime Certificate
Country: New Zealand
Ref: FFA/PFE/2021/1

Stat-X installations have been approved by the local AHJ in many areas of the world including Asia, the Pacific Rim, the Middle East, South and Central America, Europe, the United States, and Canada. Other Listings/Approvals pending.