Quick Facts for Residential Solar Li-ion Battery Storage Fire Suppression

May 24, 2021

The Challenge

Li-ion and other batteries can represent a significant fire hazard through overheating, igniting combustibles, or triggering a thermal runaway event in residential solar Li-ion battery storage.

The Solution

Stat-X® Aerosol Fire Suppression systems provide superior cost affective suppression solutions when fires occur.

The Details

• Proven performance and effective on Class A (surface), B, and C hazards.
• Simple yet robust and compact in design. No floor space is required for Stat-X generators , and the units are non-pressurized, creating extremely effect suppression agent.
• Activation of the Stat-X units can be initiated through an electrical signal provided by a control panel with smoke or heat detection or stand-alone heat responsive actuator where no external power is required or available.
• Inspection and maintenance of Stat-X units is easily accomplished as outlined in the owner’s manual.
• Stat-X systems are included in the US EPA Significant New Alternative Policy (SNAP listed) for use in normally occupied and unoccupied spaces.
• Stat-X micro-particles 1-2 microns in size remain airborne with long retention time, far longer than gaseous agents.
• Aerosol from the discharge of Stat-X systems is environmentally friendly, with zero OPD, zero GWP, and negligible atmospheric lifetime.
• Residential solar panel fires can occur at any time. Stat-X provides another layer of protection for what you value most.

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