Siam Commercial Bank Bangkok Headquarters March 13 2016 Accident

Mar 18, 2016

Siam Commercial Bank Bangkok Headquarters March 13 2016 Accident


The recent tragic events at Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand did not involve our company or our Stat-X products.


Details of the incident remain under investigation by the Thai government. At this early stage, it is understood that a Pyrogen brand automatic condensed aerosol detection and suppression system experienced a false alarm event during the evening hours of March 13, 2016. SCB has reported that the Pyrogen system was being upgraded by a contractor, which may have triggered the false alarm inside a secured document room. There were as many as eight fatalities and several others were injured. Fireaway joins the international community in expressing our condolences to the families of the deceased.


Stat-X, which is manufactured in the United States under rigorous quality control standards, utilizes patented technology and proprietary material blends. The efficacy, efficiency, and toxicity of Stat-X products are very different than that of Pyrogen. Since its formation in 2005, Fireaway has never received a report of adverse health outcome from the discharge of Stat-X.


Importantly, Stat-X is the only Underwriters Laboratories listed condensed aerosol product on the market for use in normally occupied spaces. Stat-X is also listed on the Significant New Alternative Policy (SNAP) among “Substitutes for Total Flooding Agents” without any Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) use conditions. In fact, it is the only condensed powdered aerosol fire suppressant agent that is accepted by the EPA for use as a total flooding system for both unoccupied and normally occupied areas. This acceptance is based on EPA review and assessment of solid and gas components discharged from Stat-X aerosol units. Fireaway is also one of the few (if not only) aerosol fire suppressant manufacturers to conduct independent third-party live animal exposure testing to ensure the health and safety of its products.


When properly designed and installed, the Stat-X system provides an innovative, cost-effective and ecological solution for rapid fire extinguishing and protection of high value enclosures.


The Thai authorities are expected to conclude their investigation in the coming weeks. This tragic incident serves as an important reminder that proper product selection, design, and installation are critical to the protection of life and property in fire and non-fire events. Fireaway will continue to issue further information via this media as additional findings regarding the SCB Bangkok incident are available.



Minnetonka, MN

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