Stat-X® Aerosol Fire Suppression System protects TUI Server Room at the Gatwick Airport

Jan 10, 2012

TUI Travel is the parent company behind Thomson travel and is a world leading leisure company operating in 180 countries with more than 30 million customers.

After completing a project for TUI earlier in the year, Nobel Fire Systems, a certified Stat-X Aerosol Fire Suppression distributor prtner, was asked back to advise on, and provide a fire suppression system to protect a new server room being built on the fringe of Gatwick Airport.  The server room is being constructed within the TUI training centre for pilots and cabin staff.

Once on site, Nobel quickly identified a potential problem.  The integrity of the server room was not sufficient to contain a traditional gas suppression system as tests proved that company sealing the room would be impossible.  Therefore a gas tight environment couldn’t be guaranteed.

However, understanding the special challenges associated with the fire detection and suppression in these types of business critical rooms, allowed Nobel to provide an alternative solution that will provide complete fire protection while also being extremely environmentally friendly.

The Stat-X automatic fire suppression system requires no pressure vessels, pipework, or nozzles.  Units are simply placed directly on or in the risk area being protected.  TUI’s server room is now fitted with Stat-X units placed strategically within the area without the need for a gas tight environment.

The units are sized for volume protection and because they’re so compact and efficient, installation is relatively fast and cost-effective.  In this case, the whole room was completed in just 5 days – far less that it would take to install a comparative gas system.

The Stat-X control panel is connected to a detection system that will activate the units in the case of fire.

The great benefit of Stat-X is that in the event of fire breaking out, there are minimal clean-up requirements as the fire suppression medium is an extremely fine potassium particulate that reacts chemically with the fire to extinguish the flames.  Another advantage lies in the fact that the particulate remains in suspension for up to an hour thereby giving any materials enough time to cool and prevent the fire from possibly re-igniting.

The I.T. Manager at TUI commented, “This is the second time that we’ve worked with Nobel Fire Systems and on both occasions we have been delighted with the work they’ve carried out.”

The Stat-X Aerosol Fire Suppression system now fitted in our new Server Room is the ideal solution to our fire suppression needs.  Not only is it extremely efficient, but it also requires very little maintenance and has a shelf life of 10 years.  That means we have a proven and very cost-effective fire suppression system.”

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