Stat-X® aerosol fire suppression offers solutions for various types of underground vaults and manholes.

May 16, 2017

Stat-X® condensed aerosol fire suppression solutions for various types of underground vaults and manholes. Our Stat-X solution will be designed to meet the size and condition based on the environment. We have three options available:

Stat-X First Responder® Emergency Fire Suppressor

Most utilities have service trucks on the road with a crew of two underground workers.

These workers are not active fire fighters but will respond to manhole fires to try to restore service. The Stat-X First Responder® is designed to be tossed into the burning manhole to suppress the fire and eventually restore service.

In the event the underground workers are on site when a fire breaks out and by chance one of the workers is in the manhole when this occurs and becomes incapacitated and trapped in the burning manhole, the partner worker will immediately deploy a Stat-X First Responder in the manhole.  The fire will be immediately suppressed and /or extinguished.  Since Stat-X aerosol is not harmful the trapped worker will not be harmed in the manhole while awaiting rescue.

Stat-X fixed fire suppression system for manholes and vaults NOT subject To Flooding

In the event of a fire in the vault, the Stat-X® thermal generators automatically activate by heat. The size of generator is determined by the cubic volume of the manhole/vault. The largest thermal generator is 1000 grams, covering a manhole or vault up to 565 cubic feet. The generator will be bracketed near or at the top of the vault aimed down to discharge and totally flood the manhole/vault, immediately extinguishing the fire.

Stat-X thermal series with brass or aluminum (shown on generators) thermal heads

Stat-X fixed fire suppression system for manholes and vaults subject to periodic flooding

This fixed Stat-X system utilizes the appropriately sized Stat-X electric aerosol generator, a self-powered control panel, a discharge circuit disable toggle switch with cover, a NEMA 6P enclosure for the panel, Fenwal heat detector, prefabricated uni strut support, and a seal tight conduit with fittings.

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