The Stat-X First Responder® is a relatively new hand held fire suppressant designed to be tossed into an enclosed space involved with fire.

First Responder Applications

The Stat-X First Responder fire suppressant tool provides personal protection for professional first responders! There are many uses for this tool including first to the scene, rescue operations, ingress, and egress.

Utility Company Applications

Utility companies use this product in two scenarios. First is a suppression scenario when an emergency crew responds to a manhole, cable space, or vault fire. Second is personal protection scenarios when workers above deploy it to aid in emergency ingress or egress.

The Stat-X First Responder is also used as an emergency fire suppressant for wind turbine technicians in a nacelle of a wind turbine to aid in escape in the event of fire.

With the accessories available, it is easy to have this critical tool readily accessible when needed to literally buy time to evacuate.

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