Stat-X receives first-ever UL Listing of Condensed Aerosol Firefighting System with a compatible fire control panel

Mar 04, 2010

Groundbreaking certification by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) merges a new system to kill fires in enclosed spaces with Potter Electric Signal control panel.

Underwriters Laboratories has certified the first ever combination condensed aerosol fire suppression system and a fire monitoring panel. The listing of Fireaway’s Stat-X aerosol generators received UL’s certification when used with the PFC-4410RC Releasing Control Panel from Potter Electric Signal Co.

This certification by UL, considered the global gold standard for evaluating firefighting equipment, follows its previous certification of Stat-X electrical generators. Stat-X has been described as the next generation fire suppression technology, used to put out fires in enclosed spaces such as server rooms, mobile base stations, PABX rooms, electrical control rooms, and other high value applications.

“We are gratified that Underwriters Laboratories recognizes the effectiveness and safety of Stat-X generators as well as their operability with the Potter PFC-4410RC,” James Lavin, chief executive officer of Fireaway, said today. “Stat-X has proven to be a safe, inexpensive, clean, small and light alternative for suppressing fires in enclosed spaces.”

“Stat-X aerosol technology is a breakthrough in the arsenal of firefighting equipment,” added Marc Gross, Fireaway’s president and chief operating officer. “It is extremely effective in suppressing fires across a broad spectrum of applications.”

The UL certification demonstrates the compatibility of the Stat-X fire suppression units with control panels, explained Tim Frankenberg, Fire Product Manager for Potter Electric. “When a fire occurs, the panel processes the input and provides an output to the generators, activating an ultra-fine aerosol agent.”

Potter’s PFC-4410RC is a flexible multi-hazard releasing control panel that is well suited for a number of applications. The panel utilizes a microprocessor-based system using pre-configured Standard Programs, which cover a majority of installations. In addition to the Standard Programs, the panel allows custom programming to accommodate any installation. The panel is Ninth Edition UL listed, cUL listed, Factory Mutual Approved, California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) and New York Materials Equipment Acceptance (MEA) approved.

Gross noted that the aerosol fire suppression system has received a multitude of other approvals and endorsements from governmental and private monitoring and evaluation programs in countries around the world.

Stat-X is the only U.S. manufactured condensed aerosol and is based on a technology developed and refined by Fireaway to assure high quality, efficiency and safety. The Stat-X agent is environmentally friendly, having no global warming or ozone depletion potential. It is safe for both personnel and equipment and offers significant installation and maintenance savings over traditional systems.

Stat-X aerosol generators are self-contained extinguishing units. The generators act as their own storage, production and delivery devices, with a highly stable solid charge of aerosol-forming material contained inside stainless steel canisters. Upon activation, a controlled burn begins inside the canister, producing an ultra-fine aerosol which exits through discharge ports in the canister. Chemical interaction with the flame’s free radicals provides rapid fire suppression.

Marketed worldwide, Fireaway also produces the Stat-X First Responder, a new tool designed for firefighters to use as personal protection devices in emergency entrance or egress situations.

Fireaway LLC is a privately held company whose mission is to develop and apply innovative, cost effective fire suppression technologies to save lives and reduce property damage and downtime. The management team has over 50 years combined experience in fire protection and has been in the forefront in developing this dramatic new technology.

Since 1898, Potter Electric Signal Company has provided a wide array of products and services including fire sprinkler monitoring systems, corrosion solutions, electronic fire systems, and security detection equipment.

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