Jul 07, 2020

The Stat-X condensed aerosol fire suppression has been approved by the Office of the Regional Fire Officer, Bengaluru East Range, Bengaluru, India.

As stated on the approval, “We have witnessed the live demonstration of Stat-X aerosol fire suppression system carried out at our South Fire Station premises.

System successfully detected the fire (created by using diesel, paint and combustible materials in an electrical panel) on time and the 30 gram (model 30E), Stat-X unit mounted inside the demo (burn box) unit suppressed the fire within (a) few seconds. Recorded video footage shows the total fire suppression time as approximately 6 seconds.

This product is suitable for electrical panels, UPS rooms, battery rooms, DG enclosures, battery cabinets, transformer room, switch-gear rooms, paint storage rooms, cable tunnels, PLC cabinets, telecom cabinets, data rooms, elevator machine rooms, machinery spaces, warehouses, gasoline storage, etc.”

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