How Stat-X Works

Stat-X® devices are termed condensed aerosol agent generators because they generate an ulta-fine suspension of highly ionized potassium fire-fighting particles upon actuation.

Key Elements

The key elements in the generation process are:

  • Device is sealed and stable until actuated
  • Actuator at top energizes proprietary compound, creating aerosol agent by exothermic oxidation
  • Build-up of ultra-fine particles and nitrogen gas breaks membrane seal and exits through ports
  • Discharge fills protected area with a soft suspension of Stat-X agent without “super-pressurizing” space
  • Potassium ions combine with fragments of combustion, inhibiting the fire chain reaction
  • Agent particles also absorb heat from the fire and form inert gases upon decomposition
  • Minute Stat-X agent particles (≤2 µm) remain in suspension afterwards, helping check re-ignition
  • Post-fire area is vented and cleaned, with no harmful byproducts generated

The superior effectiveness of condensed aerosols is due to a unique set of characteristics unmatched by other special hazard agents. This is why it is by far the most efficient fire suppression agent by weight.


Activation Methods

The Stat-X generator is operated by one of the following methods based on the generator selected for the application.

  1. Electrically with a fixed fire suppression system including detection and alarm
  2. Manually with a pull cable
  3. Thermally with our patented heat sensitive thermal head available in three (3) temperatures

Upon activation the generator will discharge an ultra-fine aerosol that stays suspended in the enclosure, the fire will be suppressed or extinguished based on the aerosol concentration level in the design.

How Stat-X Agent Suppresses Fires

  1. Stat-X agent and inert gas suspension discharge fills hazard volume (particle size 1-2 micron).
  2. Potassium radicals from Stat-X agent mix with free radicals generated by combustion.
  3. Potassium chemically joins with combustion free radicals, interrupting the fire’s reaction pathway and creating stable molecules.
  4. The interupted fire reaction pathway can no longer sustain combustion and the fire is suppressed.

Aerosol Fire Suppression Technology

How a Stat-X Generator Works

  1. Signal energizes actuator.
  2. Agent compound reacts with oxidation block.
  3. Stat-X agent and inert gas pass through cooling block and out generator exit ports.
  4. Stat-X agent suspension fills hazard area, suppressing fire.

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