Stat-X First Responder® Suppresses Fire in Crawl Space

“We recently purchased a 4 pack of Stat-X First Responders®. Today we got the chance to use one of them and I must say my whole dept. was very impressed with what it did. We had only seen videos of its performance. We were called for a fire in a crawl space. When we arrived a small portion in the space was on fire. Our chief immediately used a Stat-X First Responder and it worked wonders. We used very minimal water. The best part of the story is that the owner had just purchased the house and had made only one payment. Because of your product a $100,000+ home is still standing. If she really wanted to she could have slept there tonight. Thank you and we will be purchasing more soon. We are also going to convince our neighboring depts. to purchase Stat-X.”

Mike DeMasi, lieutenant
Carp Lake Fire Department, Michigan