Stat-X® Fire Suppression Extinguishes Fire in CNC Machine

Swift replacement of aerosol generators reduced down time to a few days.

One of our customers that produces high quality mechanical parts and products with high precision CNC machines had a CNC fire. In April 2023, one of the machines was equipped with a Stat-X® fire suppression system with 4 electrically operated, model 1000E units, one in each upper corner.

Only four weeks after installation, a fire erupted in the machine due to an incident where the machining tool crashed into the workpiece. The heat generated from this collision and the temperature of the tool/workpiece caused the hot cooling liquid to ignite.

The CNC machine operator manually activated the Stat-X system and the fire was extinguished in seconds. There was no physical damage to the machine or the workpiece due to this swift action. Very little clean-up was necessary.

Replacement Stat-X units were installed 2 days later, the system was recommissioned, and production resumed to normal.