The Stat-X First Responder® was used by the Township of Tay, Ontario FD in Two Fire Events

“They had two fires in which the Stat-X First Responder product was used.

The first one was an auto body shop reporting a fire and the fire department arrived on scene, the tow truck inside the shop was on fire. They quickly closed all the doors in the building and isolated the fire which was under the tow truck. A Stat-X First Responder® was deployed which knocked down the fire and allowed the fire department to finish putting out the fire. The Fire Chief, Brian Thomas, credits the use of a Stat-X First Responder with containing the fire and minimizing the fire damage.

The second deployment involved a house fire and the deputy chief was first on scene. The fire was in a two-story house and two people were trapped upstairs. He quickly deployed two Stat-X First Responder units (they bought one more after the first fire) and that knocked down the fire enough to extricate the people from the burning building and get them out. The fire department arrived within minutes and was able to extinguish the fire.

The chief is pleased he bought the Stat-X First Responder product and will continue to purchase them as he needs them. He credits the Stat-X First Responder with saving the lives of the two occupants.”

W. Wald
Stat-X Distributor