Stat-X® Fire Suppression Successfully Suppresses Energy Storage System Fire

Last year at an energy storage system site, a heavy rain came down and some water entered a 53 ft. BESS enclosure thru a deflagration rooftop panel that was not properly sealed, the water found its way into a battery stack and a thermal runaway ensued starting a fire. The fire suppression system did its job detecting the fire and deploying the seven 1500-gram Stat-X® electrically operated aerosol generators, this worked to suppress the fire and stop the rest of the battery stacks from also igniting. I understand owner replaced most of the parts in the container as a matter of policy and sent the surviving battery stacks to be cleaned/refurbished.

We were hired to come back to install new generators and put the fire suppression system back into service, which we did successfully after having to do some wiring/EMT replacements.

Spectrum Fire Protection
Fullerton, California