Utilities continue to be faced with the occurrence of and unwanted after effects of manhole and underground vault fires. These fire events can cause significant losses or damage to valuable equipment and what can be extended interruption of service for customers in their network.

First Responder Applications

The Stat-X First Responder® is a new hand held fire suppressant designed to be tossed into a space involved with fire. The Stat-X First Responder fire suppressant tool provides personal protection for professional use! There are many uses for this tool including first to the scene, rescue operations, egress exit, and entrance.

Stat-X First Responder Family

Utility Company Applications

Utility companies use this product in three scenarios.

  1. First is a suppression scenario when an emergency crew responds to a manhole, cable space, or vault fire.
  2. Second is personal protection scenarios when workers above deploy it to aid in emergency entrance or egress.
  3. The Stat-X First Responder is also used as an emergency fire suppressant for wind turbine technicians in a nacelle of a wind turbine to aid in escape in the event of fire.

With the accessories available, it is easy to have this critical tool readily accessible when needed to literally buy time to evacuate.

Learn more by watching the training video!

Stat-X® Fire Suppression Systems

In addition to the portable Stat-X First Responder, we also offer fire suppression systems for manholes and underground vaults whether they are subject to flooding or periodic flooding. Our systems carry many approvals including UL and ULC. It is the same effective Stat-X compound in the units. Stat-X is EPA SNAP listed for normally occupied and normally unoccupied spaces.

Stat-X electrically operated units.

Stat-X thermally operated units.


The Stat-X condensed aerosol technology is the fire suppression of choice based on product quality and the follow advantages:

  • Compact where space is limited, and weight is critical
  • Effective – proven to be the most effective fire technology available
  • Durable – withstands harsh environments
  • Cost effective
  • Ease to install – no piping required
  • Easy to maintain with its modular design
  • Compatible with the latest detection and control systems

These features make Stat-X fire suppression the optimal solution for enclosed special hazard applications.

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