The Ultimate COMBO of fire suppression products to combat electric car (EV) & vehicle fires.

This new Li-Fire / Fireaway partnership, responders can contain EV lithium-ion battery fires with Li-Fire’s fire blanket and suppress it with the Stat-X First Responder fire suppression tool. Li-Fire’s fire blanket is made with silicone-coated, ultra-fine glass fiber, and is engineered to accommodate various electric vehicle models, making it an ideal safety solution for a wide range of applications. The Stat-X First Responder incorporates the Stat-X fire suppression agent in a compact package designed to be hand-tossed near the burning vehicle which is covered with the fire blanket.

The Stat-X First Responder<sup>®</sup>

Used together, the fire blanket / Stat-X First Responder combination confines the fire to the vehicle, thus reducing collateral damage to nearby vehicles, structures, and personnel. In addition to preventing the spread of fire, these products also greatly reduce the amount of water needed to complete extinguishment and minimize the production of smoke and toxic fire gases. All these benefits combine to make the fire scene safer while also limiting the environmental impact of the fire.

Yes, we want to be ready to combat deadly lithium-ion battery fires!

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